As if we weren't talking about the Discovery Channel's 'Shark Week' enough, we go to the official mascot to answer our burning questions. This silly mascot has raised the social media reach and interest of a week of shark-related shows into an all-ages phenomenon. The answers are pretty funny.

Yes, I do feel ridiculous spending my time spreading the word on a segment where a man dresses as a shark and answers questions from Shark Week fans on Twitter.

I can't help but find this funny and be intrigued by how the Discovery Channel has found a way to connect with all ages. I mean, really, we're watching educational TV and it's cool. The person behind this is brilliant.

Here's a little tease:

Was Jaws really a villain, or was he just misunderstood?
– Saryn Chorney, Senior Editor, @sarynthumps

No comment. Jaws and I had a falling out. He was a good friend, then he made that movie and his head exploded.


What's your favorite kind of sushi?
– Alex Apatoff, Style News Editor, @nicefunalex

I don't like eating sushi. But the people who make it? Delicious!


Read them all HERE.

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