UPDATE (3/18): It's been a few days since Selena took the throne as the most followed celebrity on Instagram—and now, the pop princess is sharing her thoughts on the honor!

Yesterday evening (March 17), the "Good For You" singer posted a short and sweet and adorable video message on Instagram in which she, after being prompted by her makeup artist, shares that being the queen of the social media platform "feels so great," before blowing a kiss at the camera.

However, getting somewhat more serious in the caption, Selena added, "THANK YOU guys for all the love! So appreciate. ALSO: just know that I'm fully aware being most followed isn't what's important. It's how you use your platform. Not how big it is"

Move over, T-Swift: There's a new Instagram queen on the scene — and her name is Selena Gomez.

The former Disney darling and current pretty princess of pop (and Pantene Pro-V) hit a whopping 69.5 million followers on Monday (March 14), just edging out her professional BFF and 2016 Grammy Awards date Taylor Swift by a mere 3 million followers. The Grammy-winning "Out Of The Woods" singer currently has 69.2 million followers on the photo-based social media platform.

So how exactly did the "Hands To Myself" crooner surpass her Supreme Squad Leader, you may be wondering? Lets break it down:

Thin, insanely attractive girl unapologetically eating junk food like a commoner? Check!

Classic relatable/embarrassing childhood throwback photo? Check!

Looking casual (AKA completely unattainable) in a bikini? Check!

Filling in for Angelina Jolie? Check!

Posing on the cover of a high fashion magazine? Check!

Looking like this while drinking iced coffee? Check!

Just looking like this in general ?Check check check!

Other celebrity Instagram heavy hitters include Kim Kardashian (63.7 million), Beyonce (63.1 million), and Selena's ex Justin Bieber (61.6 million).

I'd imagine beating out your ex in terms of follower count is some sort of small accomplishment to the common user, but when we're talking tens of millions of followers I'm not sure if the weight is truly the same. Then again, how would I know?

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