By now, we’ve all seen the photos from the James Webb Telescope this week. The photos are stunning and now more than ever, people are becoming more open-minded to the fact that we’re not alone in this universe. According to NASA, the James Webb Telescope captured 48 individual galaxies at the same time in the photos. Even more profound? An astrophysicist at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Maryland estimates there are between 100 billion and 200 billion galaxies in our universe.

With numbers like that, is it really absurd to think that Earth has had visitors from another star system long before we began exploring space? The proof is all around us and we don’t need to look far! Just 8 hours from Boise (haha… “just”) you will find what I believe to be a little nugget of proof of “ancient aliens” in the Sego Canyon petroglyphs in Utah.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Located near Green River, Utah, the petroglyphs are estimated to be thousands of years old with some of the art dating back to around 7,000 B.C. according to

Is this proof of aliens? While it’s not exactly concrete proof it does elicit a number of questions like where did the people in those eras draw their inspiration from? Some of the art on the canyon walls appear to look like space ships or even extraterrestrials.

Adding to the cryptic vibe, there are several abandoned buildings nearby that make up a miniature “ghost town.”

Did our ancestors make contact with beings from other worlds or were they just extremely bad at art? Let’s take a look and decide for yourself!

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