The Stanley Cup is over. The NBA Finals are over. What the heck am I supposed to do until football season...stare at the wall?

As the seconds ticked down in Game 6 of the Warriors vs Raptors showdown, that was the exact thought going through my head and eventually through my fingertips onto Facebook. That's when a lot of you took the time to point out that there's baseball.

Um, please don't hate me for this. I just can't get in to watching baseball on TV. It's kind of like watching paint dry...but watching it live with a hot dog and beer in hand? Completely different story. I can get into a ballgame if I'm actually there!

If you're the same way or are an actual baseball super fan like my hubby, July 26 might be worth a road trip to Seattle to see the Mariners play the Detroit Tigers! Why? Because it's a special night for Boise State alumni! On Boise State night, they're offering Bronco alumni special seating, a limited-edition Mariners-Boise State hat and a pregame party in the Outside Corner!

Tickets are available online HERE and are just $50 in the Main Level. The coolest part? $5 of every ticket sold through the special offer will go to the Boise State Alumni Association.  When you buy yours, just use the promo code "BOISE" at check out!

BTW, as an additional treat it's also fireworks night!

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