With the housing market still continuing to boom in the Boise area not only are home prices effected but so are rental prices. The area has seen a significant increase in apartment and home rentals over the last few years making it hard for many to afford housing.

With the influx of out of towners and locals looking for affordable placed and being forced to move super quickly because available places are still going really fast. That is alluring to scammers who have already hit the Boise area pretty hard with bogus rental listings. Then people are in such a rush to jump in and try to be the first to submit for the home they are sending in deposit money and personal information that the scammers are then stealing and disappearing. Read more on that here.

So now that we know what some of the problems are that the Boise rental market is currently facing what can be done about it? Well the Boise City Council is working on a new rental ordinance in hopes of making things at least a bit better and focusing on making changes for short-term rentals.

The city explains it by saying, "This draft ordinance proposes gathering some very basic information to help the city understand the impacts of short-term rentals on neighborhoods and the rental market. It would also set standards for licensing and operation of these rentals within the city. Some of the requirements could be proof of liability insurance, having a local representative, and being a good neighbor by keeping the noise down."

According to Channel 2 News, "The new draft includes: More information about the rental property and local representative in the application phase. More detailed license standards for noise, safety, trash, display of license, the local representative, and obeying of laws. More detail on a possible penalty for violations"

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