Everyone is talking about the real estate market, doesn't matter if you're in Boise, Idaho, or on the East coast. The housing market is crazy right now and people are trying to sell their homes for as much as they can get.

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My wife and I recently moved here from Lincoln, Nebraska and the housing market there is doing well. But the amount of home there just don't have such a big price tag. We bought our house three years ago for $170,000 had to a little upgrading but it was a great house. It had plenty of room, and a great backyard for our dogs. Did we make money when we sold our home, yes. We didn't make enough to come here to Boise and buy, plus being new to the area we wanted to figure out the different communities in Boise. We live for life experiences and don't want to be what my wife calls "house broke" and we don't need much when it comes to our home. The biggest thing for us is having a place for our dogs to run around and of course location!

I can tell you that every single day my wife is on the Realtor app looking at homes to see what's being reduced and what new home are popping up in the area that we have really started to like.

I have noticed that more and more houses are dropping their sale price and some are dropping the price more than $100,000. I found a couple that stood out and wanted to share those with you. Now, we won't be buying any of these homes but will you?

Boise Homes That Have Been Reduced More Than $100,000

As someone who just moved to Boise, I know how difficult it is to find a home within your budget, especially for someone who has moved from Lincoln, Nebraska, and not California.

My wife and I are always looking to see what's on the market and these houses have reduced their price BIG TIME!


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