It seems to me there are two types of people.  Those who love Valentine's Day, and those fear it.  I'm usually more the latter, but this year, it was really nice. 

For many reasons, I have never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day. The pressure, the expectations, the money spent to say something we probably should be saying without needing a special day.  It's always felt so manufactured to me, and I haven't ever really connected with it.  I also don't quite understand the pain of the "single awareness" side of things either (though give me time - maybe I will).

Part of that is definitely my tendency not to make "big" celebrations out of ordinary life.  I typically try to keep my birthday quiet and don't tend to make a big noise about life events.  The one exception has been with my son - there I like to make a big deal of his moments and accomplishments.

This was the first time in 13 years that I spent February 14th single, and that meant a different take on Valentine's Day.  Instead of being focused on the roses, cards, dinner, gift, whatever, it became a chance to communicate and demonstrate love between my son, my parents, and me.  We had a great day just hanging out, playing game, grabbed dinner, and spent quality time.  I also was given a massage and that makes any day a great day.

In the end, this was a great Valentine's Day.  It wasn't the romantic version, but it was a great day to love and be loved.

To all my family, friends, and anyone who might read this, I hope you feel loved (and not just on Valentine's Day). No matter what your relationship status, it's incredibly powerful to take inventory of the good we are surrounded by.

I'm very fortunate and truly grateful.

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