Back in the early 1900s, anyone who was anyone passing through Boise stayed at the glamorous Idanha Hotel. It catered to notable guests including two presidents, legendary lawyers, and local elites. In fact, at one point in time it's guest list had more prominent names on it than almost any other establishment in the state!

Today this structure stands out from the rest of downtown Boise's architecture with it's signature French-chateau style. Idanha Hotel opened on New Year's Day in 1901 and was at that time, Idaho’s tallest building and was even equipped with an elevator making it the first building to have one.

"If walls could talk" is a perfect expression to apply to the Idanha Hotel and all of the happenings that occurred here in it's prime. Other than the sophisticated banquets and balls that took place here, there was real history that was made. According to Triple Card Real Estate, Senator William Borah gave his vindication speech following his acquittal in a land fraud prosecution case. Also, it was here that the first attempt was made (unsuccessfully) to kill Governor Frank Steunenberg. In 1907, it hosted lawyer Clarence Darrow and many others involved in the “Trial of the Century” against union leader Big Bill Haywood for the murder of former Idaho Governor Frank Steunenberg.

With such a deep history, you can already bet this building is haunted! Everything from the elevator moving, doors opening and closings, and even sightings of a full body apparitions has been reported by guests and employees. In the early 1970s construction workers had also experienced several paranormal phenomena due to renovations that were being made.

In the most frightening cases, some claim being touched by an entity in the basement or even pulled from their beds by a misty gray apparition. It is believed this is the spirit  of a  woman who was murdered and buried in the hotel's basement... yeah, this place is for sure haunted.

In the early 1900s it would've cost you $2-$4 per night to stay at the Idanha Hotel. Today it serves as a modern Victorian-styled apartment building. The lower levels feature some hops and business and the popular 10th Street Station bar.

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