It's a good thing we have the Easter Bunny to be fair and neutral in dishing out the candy, because parents and kids tend to pick different favorites.  I think my kids are weird for liking the stuff they like!  What's your favorite?

Maybe it's my own fault for not eating a lot of sugar on a daily basis.  So when I do pop in some candy, it's just way too sweet for me. But I love the idea of it.

My girls can polish off jelly beans, Starbursts, Ring Pops, and Laffy Taffy with no trouble at all, and then they want more.  The never go for the chocolate unless it's an M&M or a Hershey's Kiss.  What about your kids?  At least moms don't have to fight with kids over the chocolate.

If you can polish off an entire Cadbury Creme Egg in one sitting, I have the utmost respect for you.  You are a world champ competitive eater to me.  Some of the top Easter candies in Idaho, as pointed out by our own Jeff Connell, are Cadbury Creme Eggs and Cadbury Mini Eggs.  Those mini eggs are especially delicious if you suck on them until they melt in your mouth.

By the way, there are many uses for Peeps besides eating them plain.  You can make s'mores out of them, melt them in a skillet or microwave and drizzle them on popcorn, roll them up into a rice krispie roll and make Peeps sushi....the possibilities are endless.

And more good news - Peeps will be cheap on Monday.

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