Things like this traumatized us when we were kids. 

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media Boise

If you have a twin or a sibling who was fairly close to you in age, did your mother torture you the way our mom tortured us? My little sister is only two years younger than me, so my mom (bless her heart) thought it was adorable to dress us up in matching outfits for any occasion she could possibly think of.  We're talking holidays.  We're talking church on any given Sunday. We're talking playing together in the back yard.  90's fashion was already questionable at best, but I swear my mom made it a mission to find the absolute WORST outfits she could find.

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

Those horrible outfits? Oh, they turned heads alright. I remember my freshman year of Cross Country when one of my teammates who I didn't really know before the season started said "Hey! I remember when you and your sister always worse matching outfits to mass." Thanks Diane, I tried to erase those outfits from my memory as I got older. Glad you enjoyed them. I, however, am traumatized.

That's probably why my right eye started twitching when I saw the new line of clothing Target's introducing online and in stores.  As part of their Genuine Kids line from OshKosh, they're rolling out not just matching outfits for siblings...but for the entire family!

For under $28 per piece, your family can rock matching jumpsuits, Hawaiian shirts, fedoras, sundresses and swimsuits all summer long.  The line is already available to purchase on-line and can be delivered to the Treasure Valley Target store of your choice with FREE shipping.

To be honest, who ever designed this Target line has MUCH better taste than my mother and the outfits are adorable.  If you have summer family photos coming up, these might make planning your family fashion a little easier!