At my house, manners are extremely important. This includes good behavior - especially in public. One day, I was at the end of my rope with my son. While he was in swim lessons, I had responded to his teacher about their class service project. That's when another mom had seen me on my phone and took that opportunity to discipline my son. I was that mom...on her cell phone. 

This day had been especially challenging. You know when your kids seem like they have taken on another personality and everything they do is the wrong decision? It was that day. My son, 5 years old, had been put in time out, had toys taken away, been "yelled" at and I was finally at the point where I was giving him "the look". Silent signals work best with us. I'd had it.

It was swimming lessons day and I almost didn't take him because it was "fun". Due to the fact that learning to swim is necessary, we went. At swim, the parents are all welcome to observe but the instructors ask that we limit our involvement so they can have the child's full attention.

Keeping in mind the day we'd had, I sat back on my poolside bench and kept an eye on my son and the instructor in case I needed to step in. All was going well.

For the first time EVER, I'd picked up my phone and responded to a couple emails. There was a kindergarten service project that we were involved in and a simple response to the teacher was needed. I used this time to do so.

While responding to my one email, I saw another mom walk up to the kids in class, grab my son's shoulders, turn him around and give him a "talking to". It all lasted about 10 seconds at most. I was in shock.


I didn't even know what to do. I walked up to my son, talked to him about strangers touching his body and that it wasn't okay. I asked what had just happened and if he was okay. He was completely unphased.

I wasn't.

For safety reasons (and respect to those around me), I made a decision to say nothing to this mom. Instead, I looked at her and shook my head "no". The look had been perfected throughout the day but this one took on a whole new meaning. She felt it. I was livid.

The point of this story is to share this open letter to a mom on her cell phone with you. I saw it on Huffington Post and it was perfect.

You see a mom pick up her phone during one small portion of her day but have no idea why she's doing it or what surrounded it. While some moms do, they aren't all checking Facebook or being irresponsible.

Deep breath. I'm still mad when I think about that day.

My son's swim instructors asked parents to come to class but allow the instructors be in charge. I used that time to watch and respond to an email

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