It’s wild to think that just four years ago, some people were trying to figure out any possible reason they could to escape from the family Thanksgiving Dinner early to go grab the first holiday deals of the season. 

In 2019, a handful of retailers started their door-buster sales as early as 2 p.m. on Thanksgiving. Others like Target, Best Buy and Walmart waited just long enough for shoppers to dust off that last helping of pumpkin pie before opening their doors at 5 or 6 p.m.

The COVID-19 pandemic really changed the attitude about starting Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving Thursday. In 2020, some MAJOR players kept their doors locked on Thanksgiving citing both public safety and staffing challenges. They wanted to allow their exhausted employees to enjoy quality time at a small family dinner before jumping right back into a crazier-than-normal holiday shopping season. 

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They received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both employees and shoppers for that decision, leading many to repeat the decision in 2021 and quite a few did in 2022, too.


When it comes to large gatherings, things in 2023 look more like they did four years ago but what about holiday shopping? We did some digging to find out the game plan for the major retailers in the Treasure Valley and here's a look glimpse of what we know so far. 

The biggest surprise? Walgreens will be closing almost all of its locations on Thanksgiving Day. In the past, most locations were open on adjusted hours. This year only 24-hour locations will stay open. There’s only one of those in the Boise area. 

Bookmark this page and check back often because we’ll update it with additional hours and stores as we move deeper into the holiday season.

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