Stop the madness! These national days and months are getting out of control.  I mean, do we really need a Fall Hat Month?  Apparently, we do because September is it.  There is one big reason that Idaho will own September, and it makes at least a little sense.

I've never really understood why we have so many national single-day holidays, have you?  Nobody I know bakes cakes or exchanges gifts to celebrate these wacky days.  Well, I take that back.  I did give my daughter a journal on National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day (January 22) so she could take some notes about why cucumbers are so terrifying and the mystery would be solved.  And I drank wine on National Drink Wine Day (February 18th), so maybe some of these holidays are justified.

September is so many things, not the least of which is the launch of all things pumpkin spice, and apple cider and maple cream, and anything else that smells like nutmeg and tastes like syrup.  It's so great!  And it's also all of these things (and more), according to National Day

Better Breakfast Month
Classical Music Month
Fall Hat Month
International Update Your Resume Month
Little League Month
National Square Dance Month
National Blueberry Popsicle Month
National Chicken Month
National Courtesy Month
National Honey Month
National Library Card Sign Up Month
National Mushroom Month
National Piano Month
National Potato Month
National Rice Month
Save Your Photos Month

Fall hats and square dancing are good, but National Potato Month gives us the biggest reason to celebrate in Idaho.  As weary as we get with the assumption that we're all about potatoes, potatoes really are a good thing.  They help the economy and they're delicious dipped in chocolate milkshakes too.  Did I ever tell you we had a potato-carving party and we sculpted one into a chicken wing?  There are so many things a girl can do with a spud.

Jen Austin - Townsquare Medai
Jen Austin - Townsquare Medai

We can work in some chocolate and marshmallows during National Potato Month too, with the Idaho Spud bar, right?  It's a celebration of all things potato-related, and even the things that are not.

Just add some rice, honey, and a library card and we'll be good to go.

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