It's our reward for making it through a scorching hot summer.  More ice cream!  Reed's Dairy is opening a brand new location and this is how you can get a heaping dish of huckleberry or rocky road before the grand opening.

Reed's Dairy landed in the top five when we asked you to chime in on the best ice cream shops around Boise, and we're sure the new location will quickly become a favorite too.  Current locations are at 10785 W Lake Hazel, Boise, and 1735 West Chinden, Meridian.   If the new location is closer to your house it will be even harder to resist. It's in Kuna.

If your kids are anything like mine in the car, sometimes you have to white-knuckle it past a favorite ice cream joint, and not think about how amazing a scoop of mint cookie would taste in the same dish with a scoop of creamy caramel.  Just keep driving Mama, because if you stop, you're going to be three scoops in before you even know what hit you.  Oh, that moment when the flavors melt together in the dish and you run your spoon across the top and savor a little bit of mint cookie, a little rocky road, and a little cookie berry!  That's better than being in the tub with a glass of wine most days.  Willpower is hard when ice cream is that good.

Reed's Dairy won't have its grand opening for a few more weeks, but they're serving up sweet treats now.  Shh, don't tell.  The new location is at 1353 N Meridian next to Ridley's.

So far in some of the Facebook comments, we're seeing that ice cream fans love all of the space in the new location, the ice cream is to die for, and they're hiring!  If you're 16 or older, you can apply at any Reed's Dairy location.

Also, Nampa REALLY wants its own Reed's Dairy location.  Maybe that's next.

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