Looks way better now.

Friday I had surgery on my the third finger on my right hand. I had a tumor thing taken off the top, so I have stitches and if it touches anything it hurts.  Saturday morning I still had that big gauze thing attached to the finger too

So I got up, started to figure out breakfast, took a dose of pain medicine when I heard a noise I really didn't want to hear....The alarm for the septic blaring.  Really, now, this couldn't wait for about 20 years.

Since we had the septic pumped a few weeks ago, I knew it could only be one thing, the power box would have to be rewired. OK, I'm on Oxy, but we don't have the extra cash to hire an electrician and I'm the only person in the house who even has a clue how to rewire a power box. So, I geared up and headed out to do the job.  At least it was above 40, no wind and the sun was shining.

I flipped the breakers for the box, took off the cover and found the problem. I had just started into rewiring the first wire when I heard a sizzling noise. Now I know I had turned off the breaker that said Septic, so this couldn't be happening, but it was. Seems that when I headed out, I didn't tell anyone what I was doing (maybe the Oxy had something to do with it) and they walked into the garage, saw the breaker box door open, saw the switch for the septic flipped off and figured it should be on. This never ever happens, but it did, go figure.

I got up, went to the garage and flipped the switch back off and went back to the septic tank. I had no sooner sat down and started to rewire the box when I heard "sizzle, crack." What on earth, I had just flipped the breaker off, so I got up again and went to see what happened. This time it was my son who was heading off to work, who saw the box open, the breaker switch off and flipped it back on. Why can't they be so attentive to things when it's really needed.

So I flipped the switch, shut the door and went back to the septic again. It only took about an hour and a half for a 20 minute job, but it is done and done right.  I gotta admit with the pain meds in my system, the breaker could have been switched a dozen times and I wouldn't have cared.  I didn't end up electrocuting myself either.

After fixing the septic, I got cleaned up, made breakfast and snuggled in for all the Superbowl previews I could handle, can't remember them but still watched them. Man 'am I ever going to be glad when all this medical stuff is over. GO BRONCOS.

Kevin Mee

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