These Life Tweaks Made My Migraines Vanish
If you're plagued by that awful, excruciating, debilitating throb behind the eyes known as the migraine, you want a solutions. Finding the right medication helps, but what if you could cure migraines for good? I'll tell you what worked for me.
Oh What A Beautiful Morning
Looks way better now.
Friday I had surgery on my the third finger on my right hand. I had a tumor thing taken off the top, so I have stitches and if it touches anything it hurts.  Saturday morning I still had that big gauze thing attached to the finger too
So I got up, started to figure out break…
Thanks Lagertha
I told you about the basketball game and how Lagertha tried to take my head off.  If you didn't, see "I Hate Monday," because you will want to know how I jacked up my hand.
I went home after playing ball at Axiom rather than going to the doctor...