On my drive to work, I often see things that make me shake my head. For example, the number of people that seem surprised by a stoplight that they pass each day. Or the person that rides my bumper because it has really inconvenienced them that I am driving 20 miles per hour in a school zone. Or the teenager that loves the way his car sounds without a muffler.

Today, I saw something that made me feel really uncomfortable. As I was passing the campus of Sage International School of Boise on Parkcenter, I saw kids crossing the street and walking to school. It wasn't the kids that most drivers were paying attention to. It was the male jogger without his shirt on that caught most people's eye.

This guy isn't doing anything illegal, but is it appropriate? It's getting colder. I can't imagine he was sweating so much that jogging without a shirt was necessary. Was he there to show off for parents dropping off their children at this time? He had a big smile on his face, and he seemed to enjoy the looks he was getting.

I wouldn't feel comfortable, even if I was super buff and it was 100 degrees, jogging in front of a school without a shirt.

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