Boise's getting a little break from some unusually early summer heat this week. But by Sunday? We're going to be hovering around the century mark again. Maybe this is how you'll make a splash and beat the heat, this time around! 

The City of Boise is opening four of their public pools to season pass holders this Friday, June 11 but maybe public pools aren't your scene. You get annoyed if you can't find a reclining chair to enjoy your book in. If you're a not a parent, you may not want to deal with screaming kids. Even if you are a parent, you may ONLY want to deal with your screaming children. Or maybe, even at reduced capacity you may still be feeling uneasy in crowds.

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Sounds like a private, backyard pool may be more your jam and we've found a way for you to enjoy one without having to install it on your own! There's a website called Swimply that's basically Airbnb for pools. Hosts list their pools for an hourly rate, upload photos of their pool and lay out some ground rules for guests. Once you book your swim, your host will contact you with the final details regarding how to get onto the property and into the swim area.

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Swimply's been around for three years, but is still relatively new to the Treasure Valley. Right now, there's only five hosts in our area that list their pools for rental on the site. If you're a homeowner that's got a pool on the property and you'd like to make a little extra cash by renting out your pool when you're not using it, click HERE to see how you can become a host! (Swimply does, like Airbnb, does take a commission fee.)

As for those four pools that are available for rental right now? Here's what they look like!

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No pool? No problem! Swimply allows you to rent private pools in the Boise area!

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