Rejoice, Backstreet Boys fans! According to '90s pop heartthrob Nick Carter, your favorite pre-2000s boy band (other than N*SYNC, of course) has signed a deal with Live Nation for a nine-show "trial run" residency in Las Vegas.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the deal is part of a bigger plan to hopefully book the band for a long-term residency, much like the one fellow '90s superstar Britney Spears currently has with Planet Hollywood. An extended residency option will be contingent upon how well the Boys' nine shows perform. Considering the increase in '90s nostalgia these days, I'm guessing it should go fairly well.

So far, there's no confirmed venue nor dates for the planned gigs. However, band member Kevin Richardson told ET during a red carpet interview at the premiere for Carter's SyFy zombie flick Dead 7 that the shows will take place "probably end of this year, beginning of next year." He also added that the band is currently "in the studio recording a brand new album," and that they will embark on a world tour before hitting Vegas.

As for what fans might expect from the Vegas performances, Carter promised a "big, spectacular show" where the band will "perform all of our hits."

Nick, you may have crushed my heart when you declined to give my optimistic thirteen-year-old self an autograph in that New York City diner all those years ago (true story), but you've lifted my spirits once more with this news, so I forgive you.

Now, if we can only make that too-good-to-be-true joint tour with the Spice Girls happen...

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