It is absolutely no secret that Idahoans are biased against Californians, and it’s honestly easy to see why.

Our state is seeing a population surge unlike ever before, which is driving up the prices of homes, rentals and a number of other things, and the majority of newcomers have been from California.


Because of this, Idahoans have become prejudiced against the sunshine state, and we’re sick of seeing their out-of-state license plates in our home. 

However, a recent report from CBRE has surprisingly shown that for once, California actually isn’t the answer to all of our problems.


Yes, a lot of people have been moving to Idaho from California… 

However, it is not the state responsible for the most newcomers to the Treasure Valley.

In 2020, the following states had the most people move into the Boise area:

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In 2020, the state with most newcomers into the Treasure Valley actually wasn't California.

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