As more and more people move to the Treasure Valley from California and other parts of the country, it's becoming easier and easier to spot a newbie.  It's not the license plates or the overly aggressive driving that is giving it away, either.  It's the way they pronounce certain local streets.  I have found that these are the six streets that newcomers have the most trouble with.  Keep reading to see which Idaho towns they always misspell. 

California Transplants Can't Pronounce These Six Boise Streets

These six street names have Boise newcomers confused! Can you pronounce them correctly?

KEEP READING: The Most Commonly Misspelled Idaho Towns Revealed

Many towns in Idaho are easy to say and easy to spell. Some are easy to say but hard to spell. And some are hard to say and hard to spell. Whether you were born and raised in Idaho and you've only been here for a few months, these are the most commonly misspelled towns in Idaho.

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See some of the most common celebrity name misspellings, below.

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