Bluebird shut down about a month ago but not to fear sandwich lovers! There's a new locally owned and operated sandwhich shop gearing up to take over that spot. It's called "The Lemon Tree Company" and it should be up, running, and fully operational for the Treefort Music Festival next month.

According to the menu for The Lemon Tree Company is still being discussed but some of what you'll see is:

  • PB & JJB: Peanut butter, cherry preserves, applewood bacon, and roasted jalapeno
  • Yam & Cheese: Roasted sweet potato, pickled beets, pickled red onion, whipped goat cheese, greens, and sumac vinaigrette
  • Beet Salad: Roasted beets, pickled onions, goat cheese, arugula, pistachios, and balsamic vinegar

Of course they'll have some crazy delicious lemonade options like blackberry sage, blood orange and more.

An artisan sandwich shop in the heart of downtown Boise is part of the revival operation that's recently taken place.  Fresh quality ingredients with creative, innovative sandwiches and lemonade should be a new, refreshing little hot spot for Boise.

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