I love this pizza chain, so it will be a welcome addition to the Boise Towne Square Mall.

We haven't had pizza at the mall since Villa Pizza left nearly a decade ago. According to boisedev.com Sabarro will set up shop where Mongolian BBQ was formerly located in the food court. This will include a $250,000 buildout that will equip the space for pizza making.

If you are unfamiliar with Sabarro, it's New York Style pizza and they offer up huge slices. The chain can be seen in a huge portion of the mall food courts across the country, but we haven't had one here in Boise so it will be a welcome addition.

No word yet on when Sabarro will open, but I have so many great memories of going to the mall with my Mom or later my friends and getting this pizza that I can't wait for them to open at Boise Towne Square. We've lost so many retail stores over the years due to the increase in online shopping, that it's nice to see someone moving in instead of moving out!

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