A couple of weeks ago I blogged about a Canada Goose hanging around the radio stations we tabbed Lonely Goose after she lost her mate to a gruesome car-goose collision on the roadway here in Park Center.

I did some checking and found that Canada Geese mate for life but when there is a tragic event leading to death they'll eventually re-mate.

After weeks of just laying around and looking pathetic, Lonely Goose seems to have attracted the attention of a male suitor.

Not to say this all happened suddenly but just a couple of days ago we took notice of a male goose standing on the roof of the studio's acting all cocky and stuff. He'd look down at Lonely Goose and start honking, stretching his neck, you know typical guy goose things.

Lonely Goose was playing cool but not necessarily hard to get. Today it happened, the male suitor swooped down from his lofty love perch and landed next to Lonely Goose.

At first she walked away, indifferent but when male suitor turned and walk away as well, Lonely Goose turned on a dime and the last I saw of the two they were side by side and there was definitely some small talk and a connection.

So long as nothing goes a "fowl" I think it's a new beginning for Lonely goose

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