The city of Nampa will once again host the 2022 Treasure Valley God and Country Festival at the Ford Idaho Center Wednesday. Throughout the years, the God and Country Festival provides the most prominent free fireworks display throughout the area. Scorching temperatures will not be a problem this year as the festival moves inside for most performances and speeches.

Doors will open to the public at 4 pm, and the musical performances will begin at 430pm. If you're new to the area and looking for a forum that reinforces the American values of faith, family, and freedom, the God and Country Festival is for you.

It began as part of a campaign by legendary sixties western film star Chuck Connors from the Rifleman television show. Mr. Connors championed patriotic parades throughout the country. The country was in the middle of the Vietnam War, and war protestors burned several cities. The first parade was in Nampa in 1967, and the tradition continues today.

'This old fashioned, patriotic and religious festival places emphasis on the words and ideals of our nation’s founders, and special recognition is given to those who serve in the military, both active-duty and veterans. Local public servants, especially law enforcement and emergency service personnel are also honored.'

Public servants and faith leaders will join with Idahoans preparing to honor America before Independence Day.  One of the most moving ceremonies, involves a group of young people who enlist in the military during the event.  These patriots proudly swear an oath to protect our country before their fellow Americans.

If you'd like more information on the this year's event, click the link here.

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