When we last heard from the Idaho Satanists, they were humming and strumming along within the interior of the Idaho Capitol building. Do you remember we covered that story for you exclusively here? Organizers of the National Day of Prayer are concerned that the Satanists will now be involved in the event at the capitol on May 5th.  

Idaho Satanists March on Statehouse

We have confirmed that the Satanists will be holding their event on the second-floor rotunda. The Satanic Temple Idaho has that area reserved from 10 am-2 pm and plans a ceremony they're calling a day of Satanic Prayer that begins at noon.  

In contrast to the Satanists, the rest of the events at the capitol involve prayer, song, reading the bible, and worship. The group tells a reporter from the Idaho Press that their goal during the National Day of Prayer is to state that Idaho does not have a dominant religion. They say that they use Satan as a metaphor for compassion, wisdom, and justice.  

A direct quote from the interview with the Idaho Press revealed how the Satanists view Idaho, which was recently voted the most sinless state in the nation.

"I see a lot of people making excuses and wrap their hate up in an American flag. I see a lot of people who are Christians hop on the bandwagon of hate. I don't hate Christians. We are giving Idaho a gift and it's something that all of us can agree on … and that is the constitution grants us the ability to do this and that should be a proud moment for Idaho."

You can see the entire list of events that will occur at the Statehouse on May 5th here.  Idaho will need a lot of compassion, prayers, and understanding during this year's National Day of Prayer.

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