Lucas McCulley has became a household name in the Treasure Valley after his GoFundMe page went viral.  His story made it from our local news, to People Magazine, all the way to daytime TV! Lucas appeared on The Doctors on Tuesday and received the surprise of a lifetime! 

A few weeks ago, KTVB reporter Gretchen Parsons introduced us to Lucas.  Living in Nampa, the 22-year-old has lived with a benign lymphangioma tumor on the side of his face. When he was younger, Lucas went through 24 different surgeries in an attempt to get rid of the tumor but almost bled out during his last operation at age 10. In the feature, Lucas explained that because doctors couldn't prove that he was actually in pain (despite him repeatedly telling them the tumor causes him physical pain around the clock) and because his vision is good, he's been denied disability.  Without a steady job and health insurance, he's been unable to afford a 25th operation so he set up a GoFundMe page.  He hoped that some generous people in the Treasure Valley would open their hearts to help him raise $60,000 for the operation.

As of today, over 2,050 people have donated and Lucas has raised over $110,000. Any money he raises over the cost of the operation, he'll use to live off of while he recovers.  His ultimate goal? Once he's healed, he'd like to enlist in the military and serve his country.

Well, he's one step closer to his goal! Daytime TV's The Doctors got a hold of Lucas's story and invited him to be part of Tuesday's episode. During his appearance they discussed the complexity of his tumor.  It's so large that it's attached to the muscles around his eye, behind his brain and other parts of the region.  They went on to explain that lymphngioma can be difficult to be operate on because parts of the tumor look like nerves.

That's where special guest Dr. Greogry Levinitin came in!  Talking to Lucas via a video call from Mount Sinai in New York, he explained that he's got a specialized team and new technologies that didn't exist when Lucas was younger.  On the spot, Levintin committed his team to do whatever is takes to return Lucas to a normal appearance.

It's unclear when the operation will take place, but if you missed the episode and want to catch it in it's entirety it re-airs on Wednesday! Catch it on 24/7 at 3 p.m.

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