Did you know that Nampa is the best run city in America? That's right! According to Wallethub, Nampa is the place to be if you enjoy your property taxes stretching the furthest.While Nampa was number one, Idaho's capital city of Boise was number three.  The study examined a variety of factors to determine which city was the best run.  The way local officials spend public funds to provide services for their residents was one of the many factors that determined a city's ranking.

Wallethub created a quality of services score that looked at thirty-five metrics in six categories along with each cities budget.  The management of the services compared to the budget expenses were additional factors in the report.

The good news will help Nampa continue to attract more people moving into Idaho's third largest city.  Like other cities in Idaho, the city will have to continue to balance the demand for services with affordable tax rates.

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