When you receive radiation they tell you aside from some redness (burning skin), there shouldn't be any side effects.  Yeah bu!!.


I got radiation, like 18 weeks of it, Monday through Friday, right on the tumor that was going down into my spine right at the base of my neck.  I was told it wouldn't hurt anything but the tumor. Let's look at this, Radiation can't move around something to get to the tumor, so in reality it's going to destroy whatever on the way, or at least alter it at times.  That is the truth, so there has to be side effects at times and that's what happened.

I tried to go with what the doctor was trying to put in my head, but it didn't work.  There were times "air" hurt, it seemed like I was running head on into a brick wall covered with razor blades.  Other times I could walk through that wall and not feel a thing.  It was one of those days that would come back to haunt me.

Mid-afternoon is my workout time at Axiom (at that time it was GOLDS) and I was feeling 10 feet tall and bullet proof, so I decided to test what I could do. I was at the end of my workout so I got a few buddies to help. I didn't want to break a bunch of cinder blocks with my face so I decided to see how much I could bench press.  The bench press is where you lay on your back, hold the weight bar with your hands positioned about shoulder width and you bring the weight down to your chest and push it up.

I did 20 lifts with 200lbs and didn't even strain, that's when the fun (if that's what you can call it) began.  We and I say we because they were adding the weight and I was lifting it, got up to a little over 300lbs, I pressed it 20 times.  I'm a firm believer in "Divine Intervention," and it was about now God looked down on me and told me "STOP."  I actually heard that voice in my head say that.  So I stopped. I got all sorts of high fives, "you da' man" and all sorts of other amazed comments and left.


It wasn't until the next day when the effects complete left me that I realized that I had hit totally stupid.  We aren't talking a little "Doh, I shoulda' had a V-8,"  I'm talking booger munching,  bubble gum off the bottom of the desk, STOOPUD.  My man boobies hurt, not just a little hurt, no it was the kind of hurt you feel when you do your first really good belly dive hurt, only it didn't stop.  Eating and brushing my teeth were major events, washing anything above my waist was impossible. Even reaching down to put on my shoes took more effort than was required to finish Mt. Rushmore. Never mind if my nose itched, that was impossible, I would have to find something to rub my face on.  The worst part of all...I couldn't dare say a thing to my wife Brenda.  If she knew there would be no sympathy, there would only be taunts and mocking, you know the things normal married people do.

So I suffered and suffered, to this day I think I still suffer just a little.


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