In a touching video, Jeopardy host Alex Trebek announces he has stage-4 Pancreatic Cancer to the world.

In the video, Trebek notes that despite the low survival rates associated with pancreatic cancer, he plans on beating the disease.

"I NEED to," Trebek jokes. "My contract says I need to host Jeopardy for the next three years

The 78-year-old underwent brain surgery to address blood clots in December 2017, but made a swift return just a month later. In October he renewed his “Jeopardy!” contract through 2022.

"It's in keeping with my long-time dedication to being transparent to the Jeopardy community, and I don't want anyone reading false information about my health," Trebek also said.

"Help me, keep the faith, and we'll win," Trebek said to close the video. We'll get it done.


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