This is about my life with an incurable form of Cancer. I know I will never be cured, so I have to manage and deal with it. Kevin Mee

I love having the chance to befuddle someone, especially doctors.  Having tumors and not having Cancer anywhere else, doesn't happen very often.  But "doesn't happen very often" tends to be my life.

Now we have a problem, the doctors still want me to do Chemo and I don't, at all.  Every time we meet first thing that comes out of my doctors mouth is "you really should at least consider Chemo."  Yeah, I'll consider it........nope not happening.  I should have put "you will never mention Chemo again" in the bet.  I did get charged for the first dose of Chemo that I never did.  It was $7,800.00 to our insurance company and $2,200.00 that I had to pay our of pocket.  You should have heard the person at billing when I called and told them there was a mistake on my bill.  They still have me as not payed because I couldn't prove I never did Chemo.  But that's another story for another day.

I did realize something had to be done, especially with the tumor that was going into my spine.  No matter how hard a doctor tries there is always the possibility a few cells remaining and those cells will grow unless killed off.  That's one of the reasons doctors use Chemo, they also use what they call "Radiation Therapy."  So, DohdyDoh, I decided to do radiation.

Kevin Mee