If work sucks, or you're exhausted, or really needing to move into a new career, you can literally start that process right now.

The older I get, one thing has become nothing but fact for me: The only person in your way is you. You can't blame your situation on other people, or outside influences. You control your destiny. Before you blow that off like a pile of doo doo, I promise you I'm telling the truth. I've been in the radio industry just shy of 16 years, and neither luck nor talent had nothing to do with it. I've just forced myself to stay inspired, driven, hungry, and humble, and so can you.

Here's five things you can start doing right now that I swear to you will make vast improvements in your life:


Read "Crushing It!" by Gary Vaynerchuk

Jerod Harris / Stringer

If you feel like you're working hard and giving life your 100%, know that you're not. I thought I was too until I read Gary Vee's latest book. There is so much more we can be doing, for absolutely free, to make us more money and give ourselves a piece of mind. It's a quick read, and I promise you'll get something useful out of it.


Stop Complaining


When did Facebook turn into the "I'm mad so I need people to feel bad for me" forum? This is harsh, but again, a truth of life: Nobody cares about your problems. All of us have problems, some worse than others, but we've all got them. The only thing we really have control over is how we react to it. Sure it sucks that you got fired, but is crying about it on Facebook going to get you a new job? Get out there and make that money!


Get A Pet


This is a two'fer right here. First, nothing will ever make you happier than the admiration of a loyal furry companion. Second, you wont let yourself fail if you know you have a little mouth to feed. You'd first be caught dead than not be able to take care of your forever friend.


Read "Unlimited Power" by Tony Robbins

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If you constantly blow off motivational/inspirational speakers as snake oil salesmen, I feel sorry for you. While not every "self help" book out there is gold, this one is. It's a long book, and very wordy, but it to this day is ahead of it's time. You can literally hack your body to help you achieve more, feel better, and stay healthy. Robbins is the truth.


Don't Wait


Whatever it is you're putting off, stop! If you've been thinking about how to approach your boss about a raise, do it today. If you really want to ask that boy out on a date, do it tonight. If you've been pondering starting that new hobby but don't know how to get started, just start!

The best advice I've ever heard came recently from actor/director Tommy Wiseau. Save this. Print it off. Whatever you need to do. This is gospel.


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