The protocol for treating Lymphoma is Chemo, stem cell transplants, radiation and of course surgery.  So I knew they would be pushing the other three since I'd already gone through the Surgery part.  Since I had gone through the various scans, they knew exactly where the tumors were, there was no mistaking it.

It was late May and we had a busy summer ahead with parades, rodeos, concerts and such. So I decided to put off anything I would do until November or so, but that didn't stop the doctors from trying to get me to use chemo.  It was a full court press, every time the appointment would end with, "You really should consider chemo, your life really does depend on it."

I would end every conversation with, "No, not going to happen." This went on all summer.

During this time, I upped all my antioxidants and tumor fighters.  I was taking Co Enzyme Q10, Green Tea Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Catsclaw, tomatoes, blue berries,  vitamin C, deep green veggies.  I cut out fat, sugar and foods that may cause cancer. I spent time each day visualizing my tumors vanishing and using meditation and prayer.  Finally, I worked out even more than normal, I made my body sweat hard everyday.

I dropped 12lbs which made the doctors freak out that the cancer was growing, even though it wasn't.  I went through more pokes and tests, if they could test it they did. They knew right where every tumor was and were just waiting for me to crack and do chemo. But I had resolve, somewhere deep down inside I knew I would beat it without chemo.  That and the fact the side effects of chemo scared me more than the cancer.

I was doing everything doctors want, I was actively involved with my cancer.  I was also doing everything they don't like, which is tell them no.  Finally, the doctors said I should get a second opinion.  My thought was why do I need another opinion, I know what I have and what I'm going to do to fight it.  I didn't need a second opinion.  So this was their new tactic, get me to another doctor for a "second opinion", yeah right. This went on aaaallllll ssssuuummmmeeeeerrrrr.



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