After the operations I was in kind of a limbo state waiting for results.  I remember Dr. Burr saying to his blushing assistant, "send those to Cole."  Little did I know Dr. Cole would become an important part of my life and a buddy.  This is also where my story takes an unusual twist.

After you have a biopsy it takes a few days to find out the results.  Usually the doctor will call you in and tell you.  In our case it was quite different.  We used to deliver donuts every weekday to someone in the Valley.  This day we drew Dr. Cole's office.  We had never met, and it didn't ring a bell that he may have my sample.

I was meeting doctors at St. Alphonsus and they were giving me the full court press again to do chemo, even though they didn't have the test results back.  So Brenda ran the donuts on her own this time.  It was a rainy spring day and it hadn't let up, so she got to his office, said hello and left the donuts.  As she was starting the car Dr. Cole came running out in the rain, stopped her and said,  "I know this is against HIPPA rules, but I also know you and your husband share everything.  You have to see this, he doesn't have Lymphoma."

Back in his office Dr. Cole showed Brenda my sample, he had just started working on it just before she arrived with the donuts.  OK, so tell me there isn't someone running those big tumblers we call the universe.  He explained how my samples didn't have enough markers to be Lymphoma and that it must be something else, maybe even an infection.

Brenda called me at the Cancer Center with the news and told me I had to come to his office right away. I met Dr. Cole, who we will now call Ryan, one of the most incredible people I've ever met.  His standards and attention to not only detail, but the need to get it right, are second to none.

Ryan showed me how others would call what I have Lymphoma, but he also showed me the difference between mine and Lymphoma.  Mine was different, I could see it and I wasn't even trained with years of schooling.  Maybe I didn't have cancer.  Maybe there was a possibility it could be an infection and all I needed was some antibiotic.

That day would start a journey that would take many twists and it would never be boring.

My boy "Griz" who invades the couch if I leave the house without him.