Maybe by now you're heard that Wahooz and Pinz are expanding, and adding a huge new indoor amusement area.  If you have kids like mine who are constantly asking, "Mama, what are we going to do that's fun today?  No, I mean super fun!"  This is for them.

It's a 17-thousand square foot addition that will be connected to the front of Wahooz and Pinz, and it's going to be 4 stories tall.  They'll have two indoor amusement rides, a four-level play space that includes obstacles and foam balls, and an obstacle course with ropes that stretch up to three stories high.  They've already started prepping for the Indoor Adventure Park, and it's supposed to be finished this fall.

My girls are 7, 6, and 4, and they are constantly climbing!  Even on those tame and peaceful Netflix nights at home in front of the tube, they cannot sit still.  They're climbing up the back of the couch, doing hand stands and cart wheels, or turning the ottoman on its side and rocking it while they watch the movie. And then we relax and cuddle, which always lasts about a minute and a half before it turns into a small, playful wrestling match.  I love places that suck pent-up energy out of them, and the new Indoor Adventure Park sounds like it will do it!  A parent's dream!

We usually have giveaways for Wahooz, Pinz, and Roaring Springs Waterpark, so stick around and you just might be checking this stuff out for free.  Load the kids up on some extra carbs and turn 'em loose!  I'll see you there.