If you're staying close to home over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, here's some inspiration for exploring the Treasure Valley in ways maybe you haven't before.

Boise.org posted this video awhile back on Youtube, and it's still a great way to discover some things we've forgotten about around Boise, and to be inspired to try some new things too.

High five to the Boise Convention and Visitor's Bureau for making these videos a little edgy, and capturing the cool vibe that we live every day.  Some of the comments say we're an "urban forest" with good craft beer, great outdoor scenery, and we have a fun night scene that's not stuffy with solid live music.  Do you agree?

These ideas are probably cheaper than a Memorial Day weekend getaway to other parts of the state, or the country for that matter.  Add a backyard barbecue with your besties, and it might be the perfect Memorial Day weekend.