Move over Doc. Brown there's a real garbage mobile in town.  Imagine being able to drive a car that runs on trash.  It's now possible.  You should think with all the trouble GM has experienced with their electric car, they would just scrap it and go with this one.

It's the 2015 Bi-fuel Impala.  It can run off methane made from trash.  Click on the link that says to click on it to read for the whole story.

So with the whole recycling thing, we should start to get paid to have our trash picked up, not the other way around.  Think about it, they make money off our stuff and we pay them to do it.  What a scam, especially if the rest of our trash is now able to make fuel for cars.

The Mee family produces at least a ton of trash twice a week (family includes 4 horses).  Since most of our trash will produce methane, we should be paid to have it picked up.  We pay oil producers not only for their oil but to ship it to the refineries. So why should our methane producing trash be any different.

I say we band together now and form GPAH, yes I know it sounds like a nickname for a grandpa, but it stands for "Garbage Producing American Homes."  As GPAH we can set our own prices much like OPEC and hold the world hostage.  We will be able to live in huge homes, living the lavish lifestyle while those who don't produce as much trash look on with envy.  Pretty soon America will be independent from foreign oil and dependent on good old American Trash.

Sign up below to become a charter member of GPAH and remember to throw away everything starting today.  We are a disposable society so let's start acting like it.

Kevin Mee                                                                                                                                  President and founder of GPAH

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