It looks like the conference realignment moves are not over and could soon be impacting the Mountain West Conference.

Boise State's Blue Field Celebrating 35 years

Boise State's Blue Field

As we reported last week, two teams are looking to leave the Mountain West Conference for the possible greener pastures of the American Athletic Conference. Who would've thought that move by Texas and Oklahoma going from the Big 12 to the SEC would impact Boise State and the Mountain West?

Multiple reports led by Brett McMurphy confirm that Colorado State and Air Force will leave the Mountain West Conference soon.   Could other teams from the Mountain West join the AAC? Remember the AAC; then the Big East had convinced Boise State to leave the Mountain West briefly. Their plan fell apart when the Mountain West agreed to give Boise State more money for their TV rights.

CBS Sports reports that the AAC made another run at Boise State and San Diego State but both schools want to remain available for possibly joining the Big 12.  The Big 12 recently added BYU, UCF, Houston, and Cincinnati as replacements for losing Oklahoma and Texas.  The Big 12 has said that they could be looking at further expansion in a few years.  Boise State Athletic Director Jeramiah Dickey has stated that he likes Boise State's position in a possibly move to the Big 12.

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