Ask people what their favorite part of living in Idaho is and “feeling safe” is usually near the top of the list. 

Over the past few years, Idaho’s welcomed well over 100,000 new residents. With an influx of new neighbors, also came a small increase in violent crime. By definition, violent crimes include homicide, rape, armed robbery and aggravated assault. While building a list of the 10 safest cities in Idaho, Safewise revealed that Idaho’s violent crime rate went up 3% over the past year.

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Another study done by Consumer Affairs, Idaho now ranks as the 8th safest state in the nation. (Up five spots from the year before.) Like Safewise, they considered violent and property crime rates. They also considered the number of law enforcement officers per capita. 

Human hands with handcuff in prison, unfreedom concept.

That’s refreshing to hear, especially when the inescapable 24-hour news cycle and TikTok detectives seem hyper focused on some of the most tragic crimes we’ve seen in the state: the Lori Vallow murder trial, the University of Idaho homicides and the Michael Vaughn disappearance. 

We’d like to think that our great safety rank is a big part of why the list of “Most Wanted” criminals in Idaho is super short. Right now, there are seven fugitives the Idaho Department of Corrections is looking for. Local agencies in the Treasure Valley also have a small handful of folks they’d love to track down. 

Do you recognize any of them? If you do, you can submit a tip to IDOC through their website or to local agencies through Crimestoppers. 

Do You Recognize Any of Idaho's 9 Most Wanted Criminals? (Updated May 2023)

Take a good look at these photos. Do you recognize any of them? If you do you can make submit tips to IDOC by clicking here or to local agencies through Crimestoppers.

By The Numbers: The Most Violent Cities in Idaho Based on FBI Statistics

23 of Idaho’s largest cities with a population of 5,000 or more submitted figures to the FBI for their Crime in the United States report in 2020 and this is how they ranked when you look at the number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents. Note: Burley, Caldwell, Eagle, Hayden, Kuna, Post Falls, Rathdrum, Star and Weiser did NOT submit figures.

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