Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start of summer fun in the Treasure Valley, but it also marks the beginning of the 100 deadliest days on roadways in the Gem State.

According to KTVB, during the period of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Idaho sees an increase in deadly car crashes.  Most of those stem from people choosing to engage in aggressive driving, distracted driving or drunk driving. With ever growing access to safe, sober rides home by ride share services in addition to long standing programs like BuDDies and taxis you'd hope to see the number of drunk driving incidents fall.  Unfortunately, people still choose to drive drunk out of fear of being towed from lots they've left their cars in overnight or facing an early morning parking ticket thanks to Downtown Boise eliminating free street parking on Saturdays in late 2017.

If more Treasure Valley bars took after The Union Bar in Gering, Nebraska, perhaps more people would make the responsible decision to leave their vehicles behind after enjoying a few drinks. According to Simplemost, rather than having cars that have been left in their lot overnight towed, The Union is thanking their patrons for not driving drunk or buzzed. The "thank you letters" they place on windshields went viral after a woman posted a photo of one that her husband received sometime between the time he called her for a ride home and when they came to fetch his truck the next day.

The owner explained to his local paper that if giving up a $7 burger meant preventing one of his patrons from killing someone in a drunk driving accident, it's completely worth swallowing the cost.

We know not all bar owners in the Treasure Valley have surface parking lots for their guests, but if you know one who does share this idea with them! It might just save a life!

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