A single mom of three is going viral on TikTok after she revealed on the app that her son's tantrum caused such a scene that it triggered police officers to think she was kidnapping her child.

Dee shares content on the app under the TikTok username @momwithgrace2021 and says that she is an entrepreneur with three children.

Recently, Dee brought her children outside for a playdate, but the playdate turned out to be less than a "walk in the park" after her son's outbursts caused officers to approach her to investigate what they believed was a kidnapping.

In her video, which has now garnered over 3.4M views, Dee is seen carrying the young screaming child.

She tells her story through captions saying, "My son almost got me arrested in the park today for kidnapping."

"They asked me to show them proof that he belongs to me," says Dee. "I said, "I don't got it." They said, "Well, we're going to have to take him with us until you can provide documentation. I said, "Ok."

In the clip, we see Dee slowly walk off, still carrying the crying, clawing, and screaming child.

Either the cops believed her or didn't want to have to deal with the toddler's tantrums because Dee continues to make her way out of the park.

Dee continues to caption her video, saying, "When I started to talk away, they stopped me and said, "We believe you, ma'am. You can take him with you."

"I was going to go home and take a nap until they sorted it all out," Dee joked.

See Dee's video for yourself. The best part of this video is Dee's final statement, saying, "I thought we had a nice day at the park," followed by the side-eye emoji.



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