If there's one thing that everybody should know about Idahoans, it's that we've got strong opinions and we are absolutely not afraid to speak our minds. 

We've seen that (maybe a little too often) in the comment section on our social media pages. For some reason, people hiding behind a keyboard and screen feel empowered to complain about well...anything that rubs them the wrong way on the wrong day. Often, these complaints, name-calling and negativity are really unnecessary.

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But in the case of the complaints we're about to share with you? They're usually warranted. These complaints are ones filled with the Idaho Attorney General's Consumer Protection Divison. When Idahoans feel like a business they've dealt with is engaging in false, misleading, deceptive acts or practices, they can file a written complaint with Consumer Protection to get help resolving a dispute.

The division explains that you should try to resolve your issue with the business directly first. If your attempt is unsuccessful and your written complaint is appropriate for the Divison's mediation process they can step in by contacting the business in writing. When they do that they will ask for a written response to your complaint.  Upon receiving it, they'll determine what or if any further action is needed. Sometimes that little extra push from a government agency is enough to get a business owner to do right by the customer.

According to an annual report from the AG's office, they received 1,165 complaints last year and they were able to move forward with 853. (They can't get involved with businesses licensed by the government or criminal matters.)

Which categories had the most unhappy customers last year? Here's how it broke down.

The Top 10 Consumer Complaints Annoyed Idahoans Filed in 2021

Each year the Idaho Attorney General's office publishes a report of the complaints their Consumer Protection Divison receives. These were the categories with the most complaints in 2021.

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