Californians? Traffic? Politicians? If there’s one thing we know about Idahoans, it’s that as a population we’ve got some very strong opinions and we’re not afraid to tell people EXACTLY how we feel about them. 

We’ve seen that (maybe a little too often lately) in the comment section of websites like Facebook or Newsbreak. But we’re not talking about the complaints and name-calling people do while hidden behind the safety of their keyboards. 


We’re talking about complaints that people had about businesses throughout the state of Idaho. Complaints where a company wronged someone so much that they actually filed a complaint with the state’s Attorney General’s office. The office has a consumer protection division that’s looking out for Idahoans that were wronged by companies engaging in false, misleading, deceptive acts and practices.

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That division recommends trying to resolve your dispute with the business directly, but if it doesn’t work and your complaint is appropriate for their medication process, they can step in and help by contacting the business in writing. In that letter, they’re going to ask for a written response to your complaint. They’ll review that response and determine what, if anything, they need to do next. Often, the fear of a government agency getting involved is enough to get a business owner to do right by their customers. 

The AG’s office just released its Annual Report for last year and it revealed that they received 1,429 of these sorts of complaints. They were able to help mediate 1,006 complaints. There were also 19 instances where they took enforcement actions against companies involved in construction, health care, privacy and telephone solicitations. 

So which categories had the most unhappy campers last year? Here’s the official tally from the state.

The Top 10 Consumer Complaints Annoyed Idahoans Filed in 2022

Each year the Idaho Attorney General's office publishes a report of the complaints their Consumer Protection Division receives. These were the categories with the most complaints in 2022.

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