EDITORS NOTE 4:30 PM, Monday, August 10, 2020: The Mountain West announced they are postponing all fall sports. On their website, the Mountain West calls this an "indefinite postponement."


There's a lot of money in sports.  Some say that college football is a 4 billion dollar industry.  That's a lot of money considering that players don't bet paid to play the game that they love.  What would be the economic impact if Boise State Football doesn't play football this fall?  The Idaho Press recently published a story saying that 35 million dollars would be lost to the local economy if Boise State doesn't play football this season.  The article breaks down how much money the football team generates through paid attendance and television rights.

The other factors include hotel rooms that are rented by the visiting team and their fans.  Local bars depend on the money made during the home games to get them through the lean times of the year.

USA Today reports that the annual loss for a Power 5 program will be 78 million dollars if they cancel the football season.

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