It sounds like a fortune cookie, doesn't it?

As you head back into the office today, maybe you're not heading back into the same job you were working on Friday.  Maybe you've accepted a new position or started in a new career field.  It's totally understandable that you're nervous! Maybe it's not a career change, but some other major life change that you've decided to make that has you a bit on edge.  If that sounds like you, my Motivation Monday quote for October 9th is for you!

"It's ok to be scared. Being scared means you're about to do something really, really brave." -Uknown

This is a quote that I've gone back to over and over again the past few months.  Many of you know that 107.9 LITE-FM isn't my first radio job in the Treasure Valley.  I spent seven years at one of Townsquare Media Boise sister stations handling all kinds of different radio responsibilities that I won't bore you with.  I developed memories and friendships that will last a lifetime because of that station, but when the time came for me to make a decision whether I wanted to stay or take my career a different direction, there was a voice inside me telling me to leave that I just couldn't silence.  The opportunity to move over to 107.9 LITE-FM presented itself around the same time.  After weighing the options, I decided that taking this opportunity was the absolute best decision I could make.

That doesn't mean I came into my role thinking I was going to be instantly good at it! Quite the opposite.  Jeff Connell, Jen Austin, Delilah and John Tesh have done such a great job making LITE-FM a fun station to listen to, that I was so scared I was going to hurt their "baby".  I don't know how many times in those first two weeks that I looked at Jeff and said "I have no idea what I'm doing!" Luckily, I'm surrounded by some pretty incredible individuals that helped me get the ball rolling in the right direction.

I think this Michelle's Motivation Monday quote may have also spoken to several of the 107 marathoners at yesterday's City of Trees Marathon who were facing the 26.2 mile distance for the first time. Two of my friends were doing that and when one asked me "is this the pure hell part of the course?" at Mile 18, I told her "I think it's about 3 miles that way and you're going to crush it. You're out here running this and you've got this!" She, like the other marathoners, had put in the training and while they have been scared on the start line or at certain points during the race...those of us standing there with signs to cheer them on, only saw their bravery.

Whatever you face today or this week that scares you, just know that you are brave for facing it head on!

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