Ladies, it's time for some real talk: how many days a week do you feel constipated and bloated? Do you dread putting on your jeans because you know they're going to feel tight, uncomfortable, and self-conscious?

It can be frustrating because you don't know what exactly is causing that yucky feeling inside of you. Could it be that you're not getting enough exercise? Or maybe you're just a little dehydrated? The truth is that your gut health could probably use a little TLC.

I knew that mine could and that's why I started the three-step protocol with Microbe Formulas. I'm currently in the middle of step two, which works like a gut scrubber and grabber that works its way through your digestive tract to pull out intestinal buildup, pathogens, and even parasites!

I know, I know...the word parasites sounds pretty scary. The fact is, though, people all over the world pick them up from doing normal everyday activities like swimming in a lake, walking in the grass, or playing with their pets, and they could be the culprit behind some of your symptoms. If you're eliminating them as you detox, you're going to start feeling so much better. I know I already do!

Since starting the three-step protocol with Microbe Formulas, my energy has increased significantly and I dread putting on my jeans fewer days a week. Ready to start feeling better too? Check out the products that had me saying," Yay! I pooped today" at