It's been close to 365 days...and we haven't killed each other yet! 

Joking! Joking! Nate and I are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary on Sunday.  Apparently the one year anniversary is the "paper anniversary" and quite frankly, I have no idea what to get him.  He's a hopeless romantic and I know he's quite proud of whatever he got me.  I'm just thankful that so many of you called the morning I was having a bit of a crisis trying to choose a gift.  You guys suggested some great stuff and I'm hoping that the gift I ended up getting him will at least make him laugh!

Since you guys were such a big part of helping me prepare for the big day last year and still continue to guide me through married life, I wanted to share some photos with you. I didn't get my photos until December so I never posted them on our website because the holiday just seemed like a weird time to show them off!

If you're preparing to get married (or are planning one for your kids,) here's a look at some of the people that made the big day possible.  We stuck to a pretty reasonable budget and from what I've gathered from posting in a Wedding Planning group on Facebook, a lot of my vendors are an absolute steal!

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