April 2017 was one of the saddest months of my entire life. Change is inevitable. It happens all the time. That said, I NEVER expected McDonald's to take away an item that had been an essential part of my dining experience long before my quest to collect all of the Teenie Beanies in '97. 

On April 24, 2017 McDonald's sent an internal memo to employees letting them know that by May 1, Hi-C would no longer be offered in their restaurants. Instead, they'd be offering an exclusive flavor of Sprite called TropicBerry that would be served exclusively at McDonald's. A few days later, an employee leaked the memo online and McDonald's lovers everywhere expressed their heartbreak on social media.

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I was one of those devastated customers. Growing up, I hated soda. In fact, I still do. So whether it was a cheeseburger Happy Meal as a kid or a Filet 'O Fish as an adult...I ALWAYS picked "orange drink," as my parents called it, for my beverage. I was crushed. It certainly doesn't help that when you type Boise's zip code into the product locator for "Orange Lavaburst" Hi-C it give you a "We're sorry - there's no place to buy Hi-C near you."

If you miss it as much as I do, rejoice! McDonald's announced on Twitter that they're brining the Orange Lavaburst Hi-C to menus nationwide by Summer 2021. Even better we MAY see it reappear in Boise even earlier! On Monday, they're launching a finder tool for it.

Simply type in your Treasure Valley zip code, it'll show you if there's a McDonald's nearby serving Hi-C! Click HERE to bookmark it!

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