When it comes to working at McDonald's, this guy is lovin' it.

Mike Waite, a 20-year-old British man has gone viral after he wrote a strongly-worded Facebook post explaining why he liked working at one of the fast food franchise's restaurants.

Being an employee at Mickey D's is often the basis of a joke and the stereotypes associated with it are not flattering, but Waite, who works as many as 50 hours a week, tries to set the record straight by saying he -- as well as a good chunk of his co-workers -- have goals and are doing what they must to realize them, with McDonald's playing a huge role in making their dreams come true.

It's a pretty articulate declaration that may make you think twice the next time you put down someone simply for earning an honest living at the iconic restaurant.

What do you think? Does Waite make good points or do you feel people who work at McDonald's deserve the negative labels they receive?

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