Going to Winter Carnival in McCall is always a toss up when it comes to the condition the snow sculptures will be in by the time you make the drive. We wish we could say that this business's sculpture isn't in tip top shape because of warm temperatures and rainy conditions, but that's simply not the case. 

Last week, Ruby's Kitchen on Lake Street took second place in the annual Idaho Snow Sculpting Championships for it's interactive ice castle that included a light display and throne to sit on. This week? The sculpture will look much different to visitors.

According to Channel 6, the sculpture at Ruby's Kitchen was the victim of vandalism on Sunday evening.  On Monday morning, the owners found the holes in the structure, urine stains on the wall and dog poop nearby. After pouring almost 300 hours of labor into building the structure, Ruby's determined that their only option was to take down the castle walls for the safety of visitors during the final weekend of festivities.

This headlined grabbed our attention because this is the second time in three years that Ruby's sculpture was vandalized. In 2018, the restaurant too the festival's top prize but was damaged shortly after judging. That sculpture represented the sled dog teams competing in the Idaho Sled Dog Challenge that takes place during Winter Carnival. Vandals destroyed most of the eight dog sled team created by John Schulz, who also designed this year's second place sculpture.

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If you're planning on making the trip up 55 to check out the second week of the carnival, there are still 29 other sculptures you can see and snap photos with around town. You can scope out their locations on this map. 

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